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About Onirestro
Onirestro is web based restaurant management software helps restaurant owners and managers to manage the restaurant more effectively and efficiently by computerizing billing.

Onirestro maintain complete information of restaurant, customers, employees, inventory and orders and keep track of each employee effectiveness.
Reports generated from day to day data which help the manager to make appropriate business decision for the restaurant.

Our Modules

We are offering these services in our system.


Dashboard mainly lists the items, customer informations, bills & orders. A restaurant manager can use dashboard to get the right information about all current running order tables.

Restaurant Info.

Here, you can get all the information regarding the particular restaurant their menus, their workstyle, their ambience etc. It will help you to know about the restaurant more efficiently.

Manage Tables

It is used by restaurants to manage reservations and table bookings. The system helps you efficiently manage guests and gives you access to turn tables faster, manage waitlists and reduce errors.

Manage Employees

It can simplify managing your employees in many ways. It can calculate payroll, manage voluntary,payroll deductions and automate the preparation of reports.

Manage Menu Items

It is used to create and manage the restaurant menu. It is integrated with the billing and inventory management module and helps you and manage the restaurant menu.

Manage Orders

This restaurant management software can assign the waiters, coordinate the table services, and even check for any requirements of the customers effectively.

Manage Bills

It ensures automated report generation that you can view on your dashboard to keep track of how well the business is performing.

Manage KOT

Whenever an order is placed,it generates notes for the kitchen and billing department. Note contains details,such as items ordered and its quantity.

Sale Report

The reports include Customer order reports, Cancelled KOT reports, Feedback rating reports , Sales reports, Expenses reports, and Statistical reports.




Clarks Inn Suites

We've been very satisfied to the point that we've been continuing to use OniRestaurant software.

Hotel Landmark

We fell too good to work with Onisol systems! They are Very professional and prompt, highly recommended for all kinds of website design work.



Commercial Benefits

  • Stay Within Budget.
  • Maintain Customer Relationships.
  • Enhanced Productivity.
  • Track food item wise consumption.
  • Track complete sale of restaurant.

Application Benefits

  • Sub-Admin Control.
  • Manage from multiple locations.
  • Manage complete record of Staff.
  • Manage table wise & take away records.
  • Minimize wait time of customers.